Take Olympus Slots

Take Olympus is a high-performance slot game with a unique rotating set of god features that makes it stand out. When we learned about the cycling god bonus features, we knew we had to test this slot game, and we were impressed by more of the features that we discovered during our review. To learn about the exciting god features and the other perks of this game, read through our full review.

A Betsoft Game

This slot was made by BetSoft, one of the biggest names in the gambling industry today. If you're searching for an interactive game with a nice blend of features, you'll enjoy how the different features come together in this game. Get familiar with the additional features while testing this game, and you'll see why players want access to BetSoft games.

A Stunning Video Slot

This game is a video slot with animations and a broad mix of different bonus features. It's exciting to play because there is always a perk heading your way. The animations and graphics for this game are impressive, and they stand out in a big way each time you turn the reels. If you're interested in this slot, you'll likely consider playing it in part because of its animations.

A Greek God Theme

This slot is filled with different Greek gods, giving it a fun feel. The different bonus features are all tied to Greek Gods, and as you play, you'll find yourself following the gods and their different abilities in order to remember what perks you'll have access to next.

50 Fixed Paylines

50 paylines make up the reels of this game, and they are always turned on. With all the different lines activated, you must wager on them all, and you have the chance to win on them all as well. This makes the game feel more fast-paced, and with a reasonable minimum wager, most gamblers won't have a problem playing this slot even if they don't want to wager very much.

Simple Betting

Wagering on this game couldn't be any easier. To set your wager amount, you use the minus and plus symbols. Toggle your wager value to the appropriate level using those two symbols until you reach the amount you're comfortable with. Once you get to the right amount, you can start playing the game. The minimum wager amount is just $0.20 per spin, and the maximum is $45.00 per spin. Between these two extremes, most gamblers should find something that works well for them.

Advanced Autoplay Controls

This game features an autoplay tool that allows you to spin the reels of the slot automatically. When you press the autoplay button, you'll get a menu with two different options. Select the wager amount you want in position and then choose the number of automatic spins to go through. The game will give you the total cost of this autoplay selection, and you can start it with a button press.

Low Value Prizes

This slot's paytable comes loaded with a bunch of low-value symbols. That means you can get loads of wins, and they usually won't be for a lot of money. That's not always a bad thing; it just means that you'll have to rely on getting frequent wins to do well on this slot. Fortunately, because of how this game is designed, it's simple to get frequent wins, and most gamblers do this without a problem.

The Cycle of the Gods

The Cycle of the Gods special feature is one of the most impressive things. Every ten turns, a randomly chosen god unleashes their power and gives you a set of respins with an increased chance of winning. As you turn the reels during the ten rounds that you're waiting for the next god power, you will build up re-spins. When the power is unleashed, finally, you get to go through all those re-spins and try to unlock all sorts of prizes along the way. It's our favorite part of the game and why many gamblers try this game.

Test Play it First

It's possible to play this game for free before you know whether you'll like it or not. If you're just looking to get to know this game and then decide if you want to play it, spend time getting to know its demo mode features. The game will load in demo mode when you press the right button, and then you use a play balance for as long as you like.

Wager with Real Money

When you're comfortable with this game, and you want to play for real prizes, you can swap to real money play. It takes a few presses to swap to real money play, and once you do, you're ready to start gambling and having a good time with this slot as you try for the big wins.

An Excellent Value

More than 95% of the money that's paid to play this slot is given back as prize money to the gamblers that are taking part in the game. The game is a good value for players interested in that sort of thing. If you're searching for a game you can play with confidence, this one is a good bet.

Our Final Rating

After getting used to this slot game and getting familiar with what it has to offer, we decided to rate it a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. The prize payouts from this game aren't very large, but this slot has many potentials still. The game offers loads of different ways for you to win, and with just a bit of luck on your side, you can get some seriously good prize wins as you play. Try the game yourself and see what we mean.

Try it on Mobile

This game has been developed to run smoothly on mobile devices. If you would like to try it out on a smartphone or a tablet, you can load the game on either of those products without downloading an app to make it work. That's exciting if you like to take your games on the go, and that's one of the perks of playing this slot in particular.

Take Olympus is a well-made game with powerful perks we enjoyed. It's not perfect, but we love the frequent bonus features and the different prize payouts possible while playing. We also really like how this game works, making it into a good combination.