Mardi Gras Magic Slots

With so many different slot games available to play today, it's difficult to choose which is the best for you to try. This game seems standard on the surface, but it combines the excitement and beauty of Mardi Gras with some cool features that you won't find everywhere. With those two elements together, there is a lot to be excited about with this slot game. Below we look at the best features and other positives and negatives of playing this game.

Another Realtime Gaming Masterpiece

Realtime Gaming is well-known for creating some of the best slots you can play today. The company has hundreds of games in its library, which is one of them. With a large mix of games to select from, it makes a lot of sense to become a gambler at casinos offering RealTime Gaming games. Become a member of the site, and you'll quickly start to see all the potential it has to offer.

You Can Demo This Slot

Even if you aren't sure you'll like this game, you can test it and learn more about it before risking your money. This game, from Realtime Gaming, is available in Demo mode for free. When you play this game using Demo mode, you have access to all its different features. The only difference is you can't unlock real money. You play with a play money balance and try to do well with this game.

A Bright and Fun Theme

This slot is designed to be fun and exciting. The moment you sit down to play this game, you'll notice the bright colors, the cool graphics, and the mix of different custom-drawn symbols. It's this attention to detail that makes the game stand out, and that's why we recommend other players try it out at least once.

Made for New Gamblers

This slot was designed with new players in mind because there are only a few buttons for you to think about as you play. Between the spin button, the auto spin, and the wagering adjustments, that's all you have. Use these features to play the game, and dig through the menus and the more advanced features once you get used to the game and decide you want more control. Experienced players can get value from this game, and new players can get started easily.

A Video Slot Game

It's important to note that this slot isn't a progressive jackpot game, but it's still possible to win huge prize payouts. When you play this game, you can win tens of thousands of dollars. You win the money by spinning and winning combinations of larger prizes. Get a single spin with lots of prizes wins on different lines, or get many wins in spins during a free spin bonus to walk away with huge prizes. Either way, you can win huge amounts of money with this game if you have enough luck as you play.

25 Always on Paylines

There are 25 paylines for this slot, and they're all activated. You cannot turn any paylines off, and you'll find yourself spending more money per spin with this slot than many others as a result. There are plenty of wagering options to work with, though, and you can risk much less than $1.00 per spin up to more than $62.50 per spin depending on what you want to risk. Select a wager you're comfortable with using the plus and minus symbols and start spinning for a chance to win big.

Leverage Bursting Wilds and Random Wins

There are some seemingly random wins you can achieve with this game, and most of those wins come from bursting wilds. These special wilds spread to nearby girl symbols as logo symbols. When the wilds spread, you are more likely to trigger seriously good prize payouts and lots of different winning combinations. If you play this slot long enough, you're almost guaranteed to trigger some bursting wilds and the resulting wins they offer.

The Best Wins Come from Free Spins

The special free spin bonus round leads to some of the best wins available in this slot game. When you turn the reels and get three or more of the logo symbols, you'll activate a free spin bonus round. In this bonus, you get 15 or more free spins with a chance to trigger even more. As you go through these rounds, you'll see more bursting wilds appearing on the reels than normal. Each bursting wild gives you additional spins, and you'll likely get at least a few free spins from this special feature. Big winning combinations are possible during this bonus round, which is why so many gamblers hope for it to turn up.

We don't Know the RTP

It's impossible to say whether this slot is a good value or not because we don't know how much the game pays out compared to the money it takes in. While playing this slot, it felt generous, though, and we could secure some impressive wins. Just through our testing period, we would say the game feels like a good value, though we can't be sure about that just yet.

Rating this Game

Until we know the return to the player value of this game, we can't give it a higher score than 4.0 out of 5.0. This is still a good rating, though, and suggests that this slot is worth playing. Once we know the slot's value, we may raise the score even higher if it's good enough. Either way, this game has huge winning opportunities, and it's a slot that you'll look forward to after you test it out.

Playing for Big Wins

The best wins you can achieve with this slot come from combinations of different wins. They'll occur from exploding wilds or during the free spin bonus round. The paytable for this slot doesn't offer huge winning values, but that's okay because you'll be spinning for lots of small wins chained together. As you play through rounds, you'll get used to spinning the reels in hopes of getting chains of wins. Try it yourself and see.

Play for Free or for Real

Whether you want to test this slot game using a play money balance, or you want to wager and try for real cash prizes, you can change up the game mode to suit your needs. Swap between the two options whenever you feel like it and play the way you like. In Demo mode, you can still enjoy the same familiar gameplay and try for prize wins; those prizes will just be in play money, though. When you're ready for more thrills and a chance at some real payouts, you can change over to playing for cash. Swap whenever you like and enjoy all the features that this slot game offers.

Take This Slot Anywhere

If you're a player that likes to move around and play in different locations, it makes sense to gamble with mobile devices more than a computer. You can do exactly that when you play at this online slot. Load the game onto an Android or iOS device and enjoy all the features it offers you in the process. You can play the game anywhere you want, and it will run the same as it does on a computer on these other devices. Try this game for yourself on mobile, and you'll see just how well it runs.

Mardi Gras Magic is an entertaining slot that's been carefully crafted for maximum enjoyment. You can carry this game with you wherever you go, and you'll have a chance to win some huge prizes while playing. It doesn't promise massive jackpots, but it does offer a shot at some tantalizing combination wins.