New Slots Games at Lucky Loot Casino

Just when we thought it was not possible for Lucky Loot Casino to get any better, it releases news that it has just added an additional four new games. The news that Lucky Loot Casino will be adding four more slots games is something to look forward to. The release of this information came from the parent company Real Deal Interactive that oversees Lucky Loot Casino.

About Lucky Loot Casino

Lucky Loot Casino is well known as a mobile app for smartphones. It is available for both the popular Android and iOS operating systems. Kindle users will also be happy to know they can play games at Lucky Loot Casino. One of the key features of Lucky Loot Casino is the ability to play real games and earn rewards. Players can look forward to cashing in their accumulated points into gift cards.

Four New Slots

The four new slots added to Lucky Loot Casino include the slots game Triple Sevens, along with Blazing Wilds slots, Lightning Strikes Twice and Fishing for Bucks slots games. Each of these games will be quite popular. For example, Lightning Strikes Twice has a lightning feature that will boost the wins of casino players. Lucky Loot Casino plans to offer new casino titles on a regular basis.