Minority of Players Create Half of Mobile Gaming Revenue

A mobile gaming monetization report by the relationships marketing company Swrve has concluded that just a tiny percentage of mobile games players contribute a large amount of overall revenue. Figures suggest that 0.15% of players create around 50% of total monthly revenue, further suggesting that a whole heap of mobile gamers contribute absolutely nothing at all. This puts that tiny fraction of players way up there in the VIP ranks and must have categories for all operators.

There are other interesting numbers to be seen in the report, such as 49% of players make just one deposit per month and only 13% of players make 5 or more deposits in any given calendar month. The new player numbers are also worth looking at and it was found that 13.7% of new players go on to make 4 other deposits in 14 days and 47% will not. In a different survey by H2 Gambling Capital it's suggested that mobile gaming will generate €19 Billion by 2018 and that will be around 45% of all gaming revenue with those huge amounts being made up from markets in Europe, Asia and the regulated market in the United States. That's some jump from the €4.5 Billion in 2012, which accounted for 18% or revenue. The number is of course bound to grow due to smartphone and tablet increased usage and affordability, and at present it's interesting to see that sports betting makes up a large chunk of that revenue at 75% with poker and casino lagging behind at present.