Big Fish Launch Games for Apple Watch

Apple Watch games? Surely not! Surely yes as Big Fish have released two new games that may be played on the Apple Watch and they're called Lifeline and Poll Party. The small screen of the watch will of course not provide the super graphics and immersive fun that can be had on a tablet or PC however ever one to push the boundaries, Big Fish have given it a go, and are promising that more Apple Watch games are on the way.

So getting it straight from the off here, the games of Lifeline and Poll Party are not shoot em ups, Apple Watch slots or table games or even racing style games, they are text based games and after having a quick look at both, we can see their appeal, but we can probably also see that that appeal could quickly wear thin.

The story behind the Apple Watch game of Lifeline is that you've been stranded on an alien moon. Throughout the game you need to keep in contact with the character of Taylor and make decisions that will hopefully keep him alive until such a time that a rescue party arrives. The text pops up onto your watch and you simply tap your responses and hope that you're doing the right thing for the stranded Taylor in what is a basic fantasy role play style game.

Poll Party is a little different in that you'll get messages and have to take part in global polls. Polls such as who are the best fighters, ninja's or pirates etc. You'll not only need to make your choice but also bet on the outcome of the poll, climb up leaderboards and collect prizes. We can see both games being a little fun, but seriously nothing more and that's probably exactly what they're meant for.