Vegas Freebies with Cool New App

The cool casino app of MyVegas is not only a whole load of fun but can also provide you with a whole world of Las Vegas freebies that includes tickets to shows, meals and even hotel stays, and all for simply enjoying your favorite casino games on your smartphone or tablet.

The MyVegas app is available in iTunes and the Google Play Store making it compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices, in fact there are 2 apps, one for slots and one for blackjack and both may be played via Facebook too. Both are great apps to simply kick back with and have a little casino fun with and they're both play money only, but if you're planning a trip to Vegas anytime in the near, or even distant future then they're well worth playing for another good reason.

Every time you take to the reels or the tables in either MyVegas app you'll be earning MyVegas loyalty points and those points can prove extremely valuable when it comes to hitting Vegas. Being forever sceptical about freebies given away on free apps we decided to do a little research, and what we found was very cool indeed.

Slots and blackjack players that are getting their play money action with MyVegas really are reaping the rewards of those loyalty points, so much so that there's even a thread on Tripadvisor where players are discussing the latest MyVegas loyalty deals and what they've cashed their points in for! With deals having been done at many of the biggest locations in Las Vegas such as The Aria, New York New York, MGM Grand, The Bellagio and so many more those loyalty points are worth their weight in gold, with freebies galore coming your way when cashing in the points.

The comp points can add up quickly, especially if you play regularly and while you're never going to hit the slots big time as you would in a real money online casino you can get your hands on many great deals. If you enjoy spinning quality slots or playing a little blackjack on your mobile device and want more than just a little casino style entertainment then MyVegas is a fantastic way to hit the reels, take on the dealer, and get a hold of a little something for nothing too!