Aspire Global is Rolling Out Their New Mobile Platform

Aspire Global has rolled out their new mobile platform to their network white labels

Following a strong mobile growth during the year, the Malta-based gaming operator Aspire Global, who operates one the largest casino network in Europe, has just recently enhanced their mobile platform by adding new components and upgrading their UX, this allows some of the 50 brands to enjoy the latest of innovations in the mobile gaming world.

Some of the new features includes innovative multi-lingual chat service, the most advanced of CRM & segmentation methodology, together with app-like features that has swiping capabilities utilizing a single page application.

These new features will significantly improve player's experience, and give the partners the competitive edge in the gaming market, this will help to attract new users and also maximize existing players' potential.

The platform is customized at brand level and addresses the specific needs of individual partners and therefore marketed accordingly. platform is also available in a variety of languages.

The company's license extends towards the mobile market and is certified in Malta, Denmark and the UK.

Jov Spiero, who is VP of the B2B Division at Aspire Global says since the launch of their first mobile solution up to the latest iteration, they have observed a significant increase in the global transition from many web-based gaming platforms to a mobile-based gaming platform. These mobile gaming platforms has currently shown a increase of over 50% in some markets and was very pleased to share these latest developments with their partners to further contribute to their success.

About Aspire Global

Was established in 2005, the ASG offers an award-winning white label solution, providing a branded and a fully managed gaming service for gaming operators to target the mass market.

The Aspire Global's license is on scale across all the regulatory markets that includes DK, COM, UK, Belgium and Italy.