A New Breed Of Gambling Magazines

Every industry deserves their own dedicated, press coverage. Online casinos are no different, and to meet this challenge, Sloto Magazinehas come into existence.

About Sloto Magazine

Sloto Magazine is dedicated to providing online gambling news in both digital and traditional print format. The company behind this brainchild is in fact, Sloto' Cash Casino, the immensely popular, online gambling destination. Taking their well respective formula and applying it to Sloto Magazine, readers, this June, readers can expect the section addition, filled with gaming tips, puzzles, exclusive contests, comics and even calendars containing upcoming casino bonuses over a three month span. The magazine is 30 pages packed with amusing articles, coupons and even lifestyle tips relating to the online casino world.

Robert Sanders, the editor of this ground breaking magazine, expressed his excitement of Sloto Magazine with the quote, "We have lots of useful information like game reviews and tips on winning, and we know our readers are looking for the best bonus offers around, so we include lots of that sort of info... But we never forget that we're in the business of having fun so we also include comics and puzzles for our readers' entertainment!" As stated earlier, Sloto Magazine features contests that allows players to win free cash and gifts. The puzzles featured are indeed crosswords as well as other puzzles where players test their analytical skills to discover free spins coupons. The free spins can be applied to "Sloto Cash Casino" and other Deck Media affiliates.

The comic book featured in this magazine is Mr. Sloto, a humorous mascot that can't seem to avoid hilarious situations. But make no mistake about it, Sloto Magazine is to be taken seriously, especially with their articles that provide fair and balanced news about the positives and negatives of online gambling as well as emerging, mobile casinos. There are even articles related to travel destinations, all part of their emphasis on a healthy and well rounded lifestyle. Already two magazines in, Sloto Magazine, is off to a fast start. The magazine is published quarterly by Deck Media, the parent company of "Sloto Cash Casino" other hit online casinos, "Red Stag Casino," "Miami Club Casino," and seven other hit casinos.

Prospective readers are encouraged to visit the website for the current edition and previous editions. For any inquiries or further questions, Sloto Magazine has a dedicated media and publicity division to keep you in the loop.