Slots Lessons Learned From Candy Crush and Angry Birds

There's concern from land based casinos in the US that they're losing out on new slots players, as millennials seem more than happy to spend their time playing addictive games such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds, however there's one slots and games development company that is looking to turn things around.

Casinos have seen their slots revenue steadily drop over the past 7 years however Gamblit Gaming is looking to use a similar format to those addictive apps to get younger players to start spinning the reels again, by creating immersive slots games that go much further than just a set of reels and symbols, and in a deal with Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas they're about to see their machines hit the casino floor.

Three new games have been created that mix up gambling action with app style gaming, with Slice of Cake, Lucky Words and Grab Poker being rolled out to Caesars casinos, and it really is a case of Gamblit Gaming attempting to make casinos cool again. The simple fact is that millennials are not attracted to the same sorts of games that their parents and grandparents were and this has been challenging for casinos, who are already diversifying their offering to include fashion, music and sports, and there's hope that this new style of game will add to their appeal.

Each new casino game can be played with friends which is very different different from the solitary style of slots playing, and betting types are different too, with smaller bets and smaller rewards being offered. Each game will look and feel like an app and Caesars will be placing 36 games ´consoles´with enough space for 125 players in its Harrah's property in Las Vegas, hoping to let millennials know that casinos can be cool, up to date and great places to hang out.