Coins No Longer Part of Vegas Slots Action

Have we finally seen the end of coin based slots in casinos around the world? Research suggests that while not absolutely dead in the water, the days of putting coins into slots are indeed numbered with less than 3% of Vegas slots revenue now coming from coin slots, and the only way that figure is going is downhill. The downslide of coin based slots is driven home by the fact that at almost all gaming expo´s it's now almost impossible to find a new slot that accepts coins, with cards and ticket in, ticket out slots dominating.

Casinos now much prefer the ticket in, ticket out slots that were introduced back in 2000 and they very quickly became popular with casino operators who no longer had to deal with vast amounts of coins. As is always the case, it took players a little longer to embrace the new casino cashier option however almost all now see the benefits of cashing in a ticket rather than calling for a popcorn bucket to get your winnings.

There are many players however who do still much prefer the clinking of coins in the slots tray when a big win drops in, however the amount of slots that they can enjoy is getting smaller by the year. Many modern slots do their very best to emulate those sounds and visuals of a big win and for most players that does the trick, with the reality being that casinos no longer want to have millions of dollars sat in slot machines as coins.

It's not just in land based casinos that the banking landscape is changing either as many of the best US casinos are now much preferring that players deposit with Bitcoin rather than the more traditional methods, and again, while casinos are fast on the uptake of new technology and banking options, it's taking players a little time to catch up. There are however many players who have jumped onboard with Bitcoin, seeing the value and convenience of instant deposits and fast withdrawals, and it is indeed a very similar thing to what land based casino slots players have gone through, with the switching from coins, to a streamlined ticketing system.