Does Where You Live Dictate Which Casino Games You Play?

Seems like an odd question, however, does where you live in anyway, shape or form dictate the kind of casino games that you enjoy playing? The answer, to a certain degree is yep, it seems it does. Slots and casino games players enjoy the action in land based and in online casinos everywhere and what you'll end up playing does appear to be influenced by where you we'll explain.

In the US it's a little different as although in land based and online casinos, slots and blackjack seem to rule the roost, other games such as Caribbean stud poker, roulette and craps are all very popular, however that does change a little in Vegas casinos, as slots players outnumber just about everyone else! But how do things stack up overseas?

In the UK there are many players that love a game of blackjack however slots, or video slots is a relatively new term, as for years they've been referred to as Fruit Machines, or Fruities for short. Original pub Fruities were very similar to classic 3 reel slots except they´d have themes that were more appealing to the UK player, with soccer themed slots springing to mind, and it's only pretty recently that players have made the switch to 5 reel online video slots. The same can be said for Australian players as they refer to their slots as Pokies, however almost all Pokies are in fact 5 reel feature rich video slots....both online and offline, but what about elsewhere?

Over in Macau it's a totally different story as by far the most played casino games in the myriad of fantastic land based casinos is that of Baccarat, and to be more precise it's the Punto Banco version of the game that's played the most. The simple fast format of the game combined with high table limits make it the game of choice for many VIP and high rollers and you'll even find VIP Baccarat rooms in many of the high end casinos.

Roulette is a game that the French love to play, however you'll rarely see players at the wheel of an American version of the game, after all it was invented in France and they like to stick to the original version with the single zero and the La Partage rule, providing slightly better odds for the player. Singapore is yet another place where something different is played and it's the game of 4D which players adore. 4D is a 4 digit lottery style game, a little like Keno and part of the fun is using lucky numbers and trying different combinations.

It seems that players will instinctively play games that their friends or even family members will play, passing on the tips, the skills and the advice, and while on your travels it may be worth a shot sampling the gambling experiences of players from different parts of the never know your luck!