Scientific Games Launch the Awesome U-Spin Roulette

Innovation in casino table games comes along rarely and while we very used to seeing great new slots and even new slots genres and styles, it’s a little more difficult to tweak and enrich any given table game. It can and has been done of course and now and then a new blackjack variation will come along, or even a new poker game bet type but it’s extremely rare to see changes in the game of roulette. The team over at Scientific Games have however broken the mould and have come up with a novel way to change things up a little, with the release of the all new U-Spin Roulette. Roulette hasn’t changed for so many years and this is a land based game development which will no doubt make its way online and it’s one that gives the player a whole lot more interaction with the game itself. In a normal game of roulette you place your bets and then let the croupier go to work, placing the ball in the wheel, giving it a spin and then paying out winning bets while collecting the chips from losing ones, however with U-Spin Roulette, it’s the player that decides when the ball is to be released. A large button that looks a whole lot like a police car siren is passed around the table and each player, in turn, has the chance to press it and to decide when the ball is released, and although that will have no influence on where the ball drops, it does at least provide plenty more involvement in the game, something that perhaps has been lacking in this classic casino game. There’s another bit of cool functionality on the way too and Scientific Games are adding a 3 roulette ball version that will add plenty more action to the proceedings and what we’re really hoping for is that these great innovations make their way online as soon as possible.