New Casino Features that are Making the Grade!

Online casino gaming is in a constant state of evolution. Bolstered by new technology arriving on the regular, it's often online gaming companies that are first out of the blocks with new tech, and even new payment methods being served up before any other online industries, and here we'll look at the innovative features that have helped to make the best online casinos what they are today. Jumping straight in at the deep end with arguably the biggest game changer of them all, and that's the US online casinos adoption of Bitcoin, a virtual currency that allows for instant deposits and super fast withdrawals. Bitcoin is primed for mainstream use and when used in the best US casinos online you get each and every bonus that you'd get when using more traditional methods and there's never a chance of a declined deposit message! US casinos are always on the cutting edge of new convenient payment methods and Bitcoin is about as cutting edge as they come. Another major casino innovation is that of mobile slots and casino games play and while just a few years ago we used our handheld devices for making rather expensive phone calls and sending the odd message, we now use them for virtually everything, and that includes getting our casino fun. Mobile casino use in the US is now on a par with that of PC use and it's no surprise at all as the convenience of playing from your smartphone or tablet just can't be beat, and the superb visuals, smooth navigation and such ease of use are all factors which are driving mobile casino gaming to new heights. The improvement of graphics and the introduction of 3D slots have also had a major impact as many of the best US slots are now equal to video games when it comes to what's on the screen in front of you. Slots have come such a long way since 3 reel classics full of cherries and sevens arrived, and now the best slots serve up mind boggling imagery and movie quality effects, that make spinning the reels so much more immersive and fun. While on the subject of slots we've also seen the introduction of huge progressive jackpots that were once only to be found in big Vegas casinos and right now you can score wins into the millions of dollars with just a single spin...directly from the comfort of your own home. Casino features and improvements will continue to come along and the next genre of slots is set to be even more immersive, with story telling aspects and even role play. It's clear that many younger slots players are demanding more from their casino gaming than just great visuals and chance to hit the wins, and interaction with the game is set to play a big part in the years to come...and we can't wait to see what else the best US slots development companies have in store.