Mobile Casinos Now More Popular Than Playing on PC

The change has been coming for a while and it’s now a fact that mobile casino gaming is more popular than playing on your home PC. Each major US online casino has seen a huge upturn in the amount of players enjoying the action from their iOS or Android mobile device and that’s not the only change in the way players are getting their casino kicks as there has also been a shift away from certain kinds of casino apps, in both the social casino and real money casino arenas.

It’s clear to see from google search terms that ‘mobile casino’ is now way up there when compared to other types of casino search, meaning that players are most definitely looking to get their slots and games fun on the go, however there’s more to it than that. Most casino searches are now done via a smartphone and then next on the list is a tablet or at least a device using an Android operating system, which many laptops now do, with PC getting an ever decreasing percentage of use. It’s not only what players are looking for that’s changed, and we’re also seeing a switch in social casino use too.

Players are shifting away from multi-product social casino apps to single game apps, according to research from SuperData, and their data also shows that social gamers that use only their PC to play make up a tiny 6% of the total, while at the same time mobile phone play has risen to a massive 85%. There is another noticeable difference too in that although PC players make up a much smaller percentage of players, they do in fact play for longer periods of time, with an average of 69 minutes per session, compared to 57 minutes for those who use their mobile devices.

These interesting figures show that while play is moving to mobile devices in a big way, it’s also moving to apps that focus on a single gaming product, while real money slots and games players are simply moving from their PC to their phone or tablet, and that’s a trend that’s forecast to continue, as mobile devices continue to become more powerful and affordable.