Neds Online Boookie In Yet More Regulatory Hot Water

The new Australian online bookmaker Neds has been at loggerheads with regulatory bodies since it’s launch just a few months ago, and the issues are arising due to its somewhat controversial marketing approach. We’ve seen many online casino and sports betting adverts that push the boundaries of legality and compliance with Paddy Power being the undisputed king of ‘can we get away with that’ marketing, however Neds appear to be challenging them with their very own ads, and the powers that be in the world of Australian gambling compliance want to nip things in the bud.

Neds latest advert, which was rolled out online, radio and TV shows a group of builders that are showing way more interest in Neds sports and racing lines than they are in doing their job, and the Australian Standards Bureau believe that it oversteps the mark of what’s acceptable.

To most who’ve seen the ad it’s nothing more than a bit of a joke, similar to their previous ad that also got banned in which a man enters an elevator, pressing the buttons for the lift to stop on every floor, therefore giving him more time to check the Neds odds, with the tagline “It’s Time To Bet” being used. This, says the ASB, is an unacceptable type of advert that promotes excessive gambling and the ad has since been removed from all channels.

From the five adverts that Neds has rolled out since launch, two have been banned, however as with Paddy Power adverts, is it the case that when a regulatory body steps in that even more publicity is given to the offending company? We’ll let you be the judge of that and it all seems a little over the top to many, however rules are rules and compliance and regulatory bodies are in place to keep this type of thing at bay.