What Is A Flat Top Machine At A Casino?

The best casinos are packed with great games, slots and those added extras that make it an awesome night out...who can refuse a free buffet? There's always something going on and the best will also provide non gaming entertainment, music, cabaret, spa and even shopping however it is of course the gambling opportunities that many make the trip for, and there's a whole world of that. The masses of table games and the slots create a buzzing environment and within the mix you may well see a fair few flat top machines....but what are they?

A flat top machine in a land based casino is called as such due to the type of jackpot it provides, and while we hate to disappoint it has absolutely nothing to do with 1980's mens hairstyles (think Vanilla Ice) or whether or not the machine has a flat top...the type of which you may put your drink on!

A flat top usually refers to a type of slot machine that's of the classic style and that has a non progressive fixed jackpot, in fact they are of the style and format of many online classic slots, and the flat top points to the fact that the top, or jackpot, is quite simply flat, and doesn't grow as more people play or as more money is spent on spins. While a progressive slot has a jackpot that grows as the pot builds when players make their spins, a flat top slot will pay that jackpot randomly and it'll always be the same amount.

Flat top slots may not have that progressive jackpot however they tend to make up for it in other ways, with more bonus features, wild symbols and scatter payouts, and they tend to pay out smaller wins more regularly too. While the main difference in indeed all about the way the jackpots are paid, the knock on effect is that flat tops need to provide other entertainment, or another reason why players should hit that spin button, and the features, random prizes and freespins provide just that.