What Does Pay The Table Mean In Slots?

Slots pay tables are a graphical representation of the possible winning symbol combinations on any given slot, along with the amount that each combination pays out. The simplest slots pay tables are those to be seen on the front of a classic 3 reel slot on which you'll see bells, cherries and bar symbols all lined up with the amounts that 3 of each would pay you, along with how much that would be if you played at either 1, 2 or 3 coins etc, and if you're a regular slots player we're sure you've seen a fair few of these gracing the casings of great traditional style fruit machines and pull arm slots.

When playing online 5 reel video slots however you'll not see the pay table on the screen of your home PC or mobile device however and that's simply down to the fact that that screen is already busy enough with all that a great video slots provide, and the pay table on these types of slots is usually to be found once clicking on a question mark or info button.

That click will open up a screen with a world of information regarding the slot you're playing and you may even need to scroll a few pages to get the complete picture and these modern pay tables are a little different to the traditional or classic ones. You'll of course see each symbol that's on the reels of your chosen slot, along with the win amount for each however you're also provided with information regarding what happens when a wild symbol shows up, how the multipliers work and what you'll need to see to activate any freespins or bonus rounds.

Pay tables on modern slots will also provide you with jackpot amounts and due to the fact that most of the best online video slots also serve up crazy extras and special ways to win you'll also find the info regarding those, along with the pay to player ratio and other slots details. From the simple classic slots pay tables to the full of info modern pay tables that are more akin to FAQ pages than a regular pay table, these cool infographics provide you with all you need to know when it comes to what symbols payout what, and everything regarding the special slots features.