How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Progressive jackpots are a type of jackpot that grows as more and more cash is put into the pot, and that cash builds due to a tiny amount that's added to it as players spin the reels, as shall be explained. Many slots both online and off will provide players with a jackpot of some sort and much of the time this will be a fixed jackpot with slots offering this type of jackpot being called, among other things flat top slots, and while these provide stacks of fun and big cash prizes it's the progressive jackpots that can deliver larger amounts and that therefore attract a whole stack of players to the reels.

The majority of progressive jackpots are provided by progressive slots, however there are many table games that offer side bets that offer access to a progressive jackpot, and while the game may be different, the jackpot builds in the same way, is paid out similarly, resets and grows again regardless of what that game is, however for our purposes we'll use slots as an example.

When spinning the reels of the very best progressive slots it's not only the regular wins, the freespins rounds, the special bonus features and the scatter payouts that you're spinning for and it's that massive progressive jackpot that you'll be aiming to take away. As you hit that spin button a very small amount of your wager will go toward the jackpot prize and as most progressives are either site wide or even network wide it means that many players may play the same slot at the same time, and yep, you guessed it. That means that multiple players are paying into the progressive jackpot at the same time, and with online casinos delivering the action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it means that the jackpots build up very quickly to huge amounts.

As the jackpot grows due to so many players all contributing to the eventual payout a buzz is created that leads to a domino effect and more players join in the action. All of this means that the biggest progressive jackpots can grow into the millions of dollars and deliver life changing payouts from single spins of the reels and as many of them are paid out randomly, it means you just never know when that huge cash prize will drop in your lap...adding to the excitement no end. When the jackpot is paid out it will reset to a predetermined amount and the fun and games starts all over again...until the next huge progressive jackpot payout.