In 30 Minutes You Can Wave Goodbye to Casino Credit Card Deposits

Many US real money slots and casino games players use their credit or debit card when making deposits into their online casino of choice and those wanting to use an alternative often find that that means jumping through many hoops to get your cash into the casino, however Bitcoin is putting an end to the hassle, and it's an option that many of the very best US casinos now welcome. Players in their droves are ditching the plastic and using their Bitcoin wallets and from scratch you can be up and running with Bitcoin in less than 30 minutes.

Bitcoin is not a complex payment method to use, nor is sending and receiving Bitcoin, in fact those who have recently started using it can't get over just how simple it all is. Safe, secure and fast is what Bitcoin is and when using this method you'll be able to enjoy instant deposits, just like when using your credit card, however when it comes to cashing out, because no middle men are used in Bitcoin transactions, you'll find that your winnings are with you so much faster. There are a few simple steps that you'll need to take to get going however many are one time tasks and once done the only thing you'll be confused about is why you didn't start using Bitcoin earlier!

There really are only three steps you need to make to start using Bitcoin and making hassle free casino deposits and withdrawals and the first one is to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet. There are many to choose from and the best of them are quickly and easily installed on your phone, and they work just like a regular wallet that you keep your cash and cards in, however it's on your phone or tablet. Your next step is to purchase Bitcoin and this can be done via your wallet or by using a Bitcoin exchange and sending it to your wallet, and either way it's no more complex than paying for a hotel or booking a flight online.

Once you've got the Bitcoin in your wallet then you may head to the casino cashier, choose Bitcoin as your depositing option, get the address to send the Bitcoin to and....send it. It really is that simple, and when making your casino withdrawals you'll see that the process is even easier as all you need to do is supply the casino with your Bitcoin address, and they send your payment directly to your wallet. Bitcoin is changing the entire US online gaming scene and making things so much simpler for players to complete their transactions and as well as being safe and convenient, when using this method, the best casinos will provide great Bitcoin bonuses too.