What is a Bitcoin Wallet, and How to Use One

Bitcoin is changing the way US online casino banking is done, and if you´re anywhere near up to speed in with the very latest casino news then you´ll know that many of the very best US casinos now welcome this virtual currency. Regardless of whether you enjoy the latest mobile slots on your iOS or Android mobile device or prefer the action on the big screen of your laptop or home PC, Bitcoin is now, for many players, the way to deposit and withdraw, and as it´s so easy to use, so safe and secure and completely hassle free, it´s a casino banking option that is only going to get more popular.

If you´ve not used Bitcoin casino banking as yet but are interested to learn a little more and get using this great method then read on, as here we´ll explain how to get going, and explore the advantages of BTC casino banking.

First You´ll Need a Bitcoin Wallet

Almost all good US online casinos will now accept Bitcoin and once you have your casino account opened, the next step is to open up a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is quite simply a place in which you keep your Bitcoin, and from where you may either add to it by buying Bitcoin, or indeed withdraw into it from your casino account, and from where you send your Bitcoin deposit to the casino. Opening a Bitcoin wallet is simple for US residents to do and there are no restrictions placed upon US citizens wishing to use this totally legal cryptocurrency. There are many wallets to choose from and each works in much the same way, so assuming you have a Bitcoin accepting casino account and a wallet opened, your next step is to make your deposit from your wallet to the casino.

You will of course need to have Bitcoin in your wallet in order to send it to the casino, and in all of the best wallets this can be quickly and simply done by using the ´buy Bitcoin´option. It´s also worth noting that you do not have to purchase whole Bitcoins and you may purchase small amounts of BTC, as and what you require for your needs.

Depositing and Withdrawing With Bitcoin

In the casino cashier you´ll see the Bitcoin option listed in the depositing options, and your first step is to choose that option. You´ll then be provided with the casinos Bitcoin address, which is a string of upper and lower case letters, and numbers, and you´ll need to copy that address and launch your Bitcoin wallet. Some casinos will allow you to launch your wallet from their cashier, making it a simple one click task, with others you may need to open your wallet in a new browser tab, and once in your wallet, go to the send Bitcoin option, paste in the casinos BTC address and send....it´s that simple.

When making your deposit using Bitcoin in your casino of choice you´ll find that as long as there is sufficient BTC in your wallet then you´ll never experience a declined transaction, and for users of credit cards who may have experienced that in that past, that´ll be music to your ears! You may also deposit from your wallet to your mobile casino of choice in much the same way, even easier when using the BTC QR code on your mobile device, and when it comes to cashing out your winnings, all you need to do is to provide your Bitcoin address so that the casino may send you the relevant amount of BTC. Withdrawals using this method are so much faster than the traditional ways of waiting for a check or a bank wire, in fact many of the best casinos will process your payout request within 24 hours.

Bitcoin is a solid, safe and secure casino banking option and one that many players have already switched to. It rids you of the need to use your credit card in your online casino, it´s fast and convenient and it´s a method that you may also collect your winnings with.....what´s not to like about that!