Gamevy Games Add Spice to the Best Microgaming Casinos

Gamevy Games are the very latest addition to the best Microgaming casinos and this award winning online casino games development company is adding a dash of spice to the proceedings in flash and mobile Microgaming places to play. Providing something different to the brilliant slots and table games already on offer, Gamevy Games deliver the lighter side of online gambling with Bingo, Lotto and Quiz style games and they're additions that plenty of players will enjoy.

There are 10 new Gamevy Games in total with each one being brilliantly designed and easy to play and putting those Bingo, Lotto and Wheel of Fortune type games to one side for the moment, our pick of the bunch is that of Gears of Fortune, a fantastic pub quiz style game that really is something quite cool and different.

Gamevy´s Gears of Fortune puts your general knowledge to the test and asks you to match up the symbols that can payout the Jackpot Gears or the Cash Cogs, and it's extremely easy to play and highly enjoyable. The wheel spins and lands on any of the 10 different symbols and you'll want to be avoiding the Hazard symbols, while collecting the gears and the cogs, however when you land on a key symbol, it's time to face the question. When you answer correctly you'll get a star, either bronze, silver or gold and a gear will be added, with cash prizes of up to $2,000 available when you match up 3 symbols.

It´a all a little lighthearted casino fun, unless you fancy yourself as the ultimate quiz master, and then of course, you'll be taking it deadly seriously. The Gamevy Games selection is a fine Microgaming casino addition and adds a cool new twist on their great offering.