Once You Play Mobile, You Stay Mobile

There’s been a huge switch in the way many US slots and casino games players get their action and with the introduction of iOS and Android mobile casinos over the last few years and a growing number of new mobile casinos it’s led to a large chunk of players now playing mobile, and it’s a trend that looks set to continue.

Information from Optimove has also revealed that mobile casino players are also more likely to stick with mobile if that’s the casino platform that they originally signed up and played on, with only a very small number of players using both desktop as well as the mobile casino platform. The Optimove data is drawn from social casino gaming, and it shows that a huge 96% of social casino players use only one platform to play and from those same players 65% will choose mobile over desktop.

There’s also information that points to mobile players playing more regularly with 1.4 times more gaming sessions than social casino users and those players that only play on a single platform, for a huge 65% of them, that platform will be mobile. As we’ve mentioned, the data is from social casino gaming however there’s surely crossover into real money mobile casino gambling, as you would expect playing habits to be the same?

It seems to be the case that when social gamers begin playing mobile they stick to it, and very few players will switch to PC play, and we can see why. Perhaps a few years ago the data would have been slightly different as mobile casinos and the amount of slots and games offered were still a tad limited however that’s not the case anymore as many of the very best mobile casinos, both social and real money are now just as packed with great games and slots than the web based offerings.

Even in the space of a few years, casino design and navigation has improved immensely, so much so that today's mobile casinos are almost unrecognizable from those just a while ago. The selection of mobile slots and variety of mobile table games has also increased and improved dramatically meaning that many more types of players can also enjoy their favorite games on the go, and when combined with better mobile connectivity, faster devices and a much better all round offering from the casino, it points to continuing growth in mobile casino use.