Manhattan Slots Now Looks Even Better

Manhattan Slots is a well respected US online casino that has been around for so long, providing some of the very best RTG slots and games entertainment that can be found online. There comes a time however when even the best online casinos need a little bit of a makeover and a few fresh features, and that's exactly what's been done over at the super cool downtown shopping themed casino of Manhattan Slots. This is more of a lobby makeover than a design change and it's all been done to make your Manhattan Slots experience even better, smoother and even more entertaining. The first thing you'll notice is the new lobby, that it's a whole lot bigger, and this makes it much easier to navigate and has allowed for extra space to place function buttons that slots players will want to see. The whole thing is a lot cleaner and the new intelligent search option is superb.

The Manhattan Slots intelligent search option allows you to search for slots, and get to them in a matter of seconds. If you know the name of the slot you're looking for then just enter the first two letters and the drop down list will start to appear. It's just like in a browser when you start to type the name of a site and those that you've visited show up below...and it's really cool, in fact we had a little fun just randomly typing in letters to see what slots would show up.

You'll also see a new suggested slots section. Based on what great Manhattan Slots you've played before you'll see ideas for other slots in neat little boxes in the lobby, along with the new slots section showing you exactly what's recently been released. There's also a great new cashier that makes things a whole lot easier when getting your hands on the huge selection of Manhattan Slots bonuses, in fact with the new design you'll see a list of bonuses that are currently available to you.

This is a very cool upgrade and one that we really like, and it's not only the new Manhattan Slots lobby look that we like, it's the awesome new functionality that allows you to choose your slots faster, browse easier, see what new slots are available without having to check around and also getting your hands on your bonus cash easier...and that's never a bad thing!