Zynga Revamps and Relaunches Mobile Games

Zynga is taking the first steps into catching up with the world of mobile gaming by launching three of its core titles during March. Farmville 2: The Country Escape, Words With Friends and Zynga Poker will be the first games to be offered for mobile and will be rolled out for use on both iOS and Android operating systems, however there is no news as to which markets they will be available in. Don Mattrick the new Zynga Chief Executive admits to the companies shortcomings regarding the mobile market and stated that, "Did the company miss a beat with the transition to mobile? Absolutely. Are we fixing that? Yes, we are."

Mattrick has made many changes since taking over including cutting jobs and purchasing the mobile games development company NaturalMotion for $527 million, and shares are on the up, rising 65% since July 1st 2013. Zynga hit hard times when Facebook users turned to mobile however Mattrick has said that Zynga is now looking to be "the leading, at scale content company in the free to play space." The three games that will hopefully kick start a revival for the company have been given a makeover with new features added and even a chat portal within Farmville 2, and Zynga Poker along with Words With Friends have been provided with new aspects that are based on feedback from users. Observers agree that this is all very promising from Zynga however the mobile gaming market space is a very crowded one and domination of that area will prove extremely tricky.