Hit It Rich Casino Slots On Google Play

Hit It Rich! Casino Slots is now available on Google Play after it was launched by Zynga. The Hit It Rich! slots game is distributed worldwide using the applications store for Android phones. By using Google Play, Zynga will reach more people who can enjoy their games using a mobile device.

About Hit It Rich! Slots

This slots game is already available for iPhone, iPad and iOS devices in the App Store from Apple. Players who prefer Android can now enjoy this slots game using a smartphone or tablet. Since this is such a popular game for iOS devices, it is also expected that many people will download the app on Google Play. Hit It Rich! slots is like no other because it provides a unique gaming experience. This free casino slots allows players to get the feel of what it is like to play casinos online. Hit It Rich! slots is also practice for those who would like to try slots games before making a deposit at real online casinos.


Zynga was happy to release information that Hit It Rich! Slots game had been expanded to Android devices on Google play. The company describes this slots game as a true to life slots experience and provides high-quality games to choose from. Other titles from Zynga are FarmVille, Duck Dynasty and Elvira.