Gamzio Software Partners With Go-Go Casino

Gamzio Mobile is the popular casino software company involved in social networks. This casino software is also good for mobile devices. In recent news, the Gamzio Mobile platform has obtained the social media app called Go-Go Casino. The popularity of Go-Go Casino has surpassed many of the other social network casinos. This new venture by Gamzio will prove to be an interesting one as company tries to grow and improve its acquisitions.

Go-Go Casino

The Go-Go Casino App is being developed by Gamzio. When Go-Go Casino was released at least 360K people have downloaded it. Gamzio is hoping that the new app will have a response that will be like how it was in the past. With this new operations that involves Gamzio and Go-Go Casino, it is hoped that Gamzio will be able to increase players to this social network casino. Gamzio plans to optimize the games and improve gameplay.

About Gamzio

As a casino game developer, Gamzio hopes to bring a new and fresh "Vegas" style experience to mobile devices. This casino software company does offer performance tracking in real-time for the casino products that it offers. It is known for one of its other social networking based casinos called Slots O'Luck Adventure HD. It can be downloaded from the Gamzio website. Stay tuned as this software provider plans to release a mobile casino network for iOS devices soon.