What Is The Richest Casino In The World?

Everyone who walks through the doors of a real casino wants to walk back out with their pockets stuffed with cash from their good fortune. However, most often, it is the casino that is the winner. The house edge that exists on all casino games – however small it might be in some cases – is what keeps these casinos in business. It also ensures they have plenty of cash flooding in each day.

Let’s say a casino game has a house edge of 3%. That means 97% of all monies taken by that game are going to be returned to the players over time – maybe as part of a huge progressive jackpot. These jackpots keep the players flooding in and they create headlines for the casinos when someone manages to scoop one.

But if a casino takes millions of dollars in bets every day, it is still going to retain a huge income by taking just 3% of everything it accepts in bets. It is difficult to say which casino has done the best job of this, but the figures for Las Vegas Sands are impressive, to say the least. It is said that the casino rakes in something like $32 million daily. Yep, DAILY. That is the largest sum we can find, and one that means this is likely to be the richest casino of the lot.

The owner of the casino, Sheldon Adelson, is said to be worth a monster amount, something in the region of $39 BILLION dollars. Can you imagine? Mind you, with a casino raking in that amount daily, we guess it doesn’t take long for the CEO of said casino to become one of the richest guys around. He isn’t the only billionaire in the industry, but he seems to be the guy with the most cash at present. We wonder if that will last or if someone else will surpass his efforts?