Social casino gaming offers exactly what it says in the name – a chance to play casino games for entertainment while connecting with other players.

Lots of people do this via sites like Facebook. Alternatively, others sign up via their phone or email address. It depends on the site and how the player wants to use it.

If you are searching for a popular and successful social casino to use, Slotomania should be top of your list to try. Here’s why.

Access the games in multiple ways

When you arrive at Slotomania, you’ll see an invitation to play using Facebook or by entering your phone or email account.

You can also play on a mobile device using Android or iOS handsets. Amazon and Windows devices are also mentioned in the small print. That gives you a wealth of different ways to access the available games.

Dozens of slot games to choose from

There are games here that you may not have seen elsewhere too. If you like a good range of themes, you won’t be disappointed at Slotomania.

There are games featuring pirates and mermaids. Other titles are based around unicorns and frogs. You can even expect to find some games based on Nashville, good fortune, and ghostly motels.

Suffice to say there are plenty of engaging themes to look through. We also like the circular image that is featured with each title.

Free play coins are included

While there are no real prizes at this casino, you can expect to collect free coins every three hours. Connect with friends on social media and they might award you some coins as a gift. You can do the same in return, too.

The social side of things is easy to see. If you love online slots but you don’t like the idea of wagering real funds on them, sites like Slotomania are ideal for you to try.

Of course, it is important to recognize that however well you do in these slots, there is no way of replicating that in real world slots. Always be careful and enjoy sites like Slotomania for what they are – a great way to participate in games and see if you can do better than your friends. The social side of gaming is there to see and appreciate at Slotomania.