Best Online Casinos Canada

Canadian residents have access to many online casinos to choose from, and that doesn't make things easy when it comes time to decide where you want to play. We've gathered together some of the highest-ranking casinos available to gamblers in Canada. The many different high-quality options give gamblers access to thousands of games, countless bonus opportunities, unique tournaments, etc. We overview and review each chance to help new gamblers choose the right casino for their specific needs. Use these short reviews to help you decide on a Canadian casino to call home when creating an online gambling account.

Bodog is a Diverse Gambling Opportunity

Bodog is a powerful online resource for gamblers that want to do it all. This online casino offers a full-featured sportsbook that covers most of the sporting events from around the world. It also has a casino with slots, table games, card games, and more and gives players access to over 300 different games to choose from. To top it all off, this online casino has a mix of live dealer games for an authentic casino gambling experience. All these powerful features come together to create an interesting gambling site that's diverse enough for different gamblers to all have fun.

This online casino offers a nice selection of bonus opportunities to online gamblers. Still, the bonuses are small in size compared to other casinos, keeping it from being the best online establishment for players that want the most generous bonus offers. This casino also lacks slot options when compared to some other online casinos that have as many as 1,000 or more games to choose from. The versatile offering does give gamblers many different banking options to work with, as well as a powerful loyalty program. Overall, it's versatile and one of the leading online casinos for Canadian gamblers looking to wager on horse races and sports events and experience poker and slot and table games online.

Casumo Casino Offers the Best Game Selection

Other casinos give out better bonuses and locations with a cleaner layout and a better loyalty program. Still, this online casino can't be beaten when it comes to its selection of games. The site brings together games from dozens of different companies to give gamblers more than 2,000 different options to choose from. This overwhelming number of games makes it possible to find most casino games online at this one site. The site also makes it possible to experience live dealer games in various formats. No matter which type of games you want to play, you should be able to get access to them at this online casino.

The huge selection of games is what makes this online casino special, but it's decent in other ways too. The site has a solid loyalty program and offers many different bonus offers. There is a lot of value for players to take from this online casino. This site lacks payment methods, though, and it isn't the best at anything other than giving gamblers game options to dig through when they want to try something new.

Cloudbet is our Favorite Crypto Casino

There's a lot to love about Cloudbet casino; the site offers thousands of games and generous promotional offers. What separates this online casino from other sites such as Casumo is that it's a crypto casino. That means gamblers must use a crypto payment method to wager real money at the casino. This is excellent news for gamblers that prefer to use cryptocurrency for online gambling, and it means that most gamblers will have to get started using the technology at the same time that they join this online casino.

The site supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, but it also supports a range of smaller and lesser-known altcoins too. The site also makes it possible to fund your account with most other coins if you aren't comfortable with the specific options mentioned. Whether you want to play different casino games or you're looking to place sports wagers on upcoming matches, you can do both of those things and more at Cloudbet. This online casino is capable, it's simple to use, and is a powerful tool to help you bet while using a cryptocurrency online.

Genesis Casino Does Well in Everything

Genesis is an excellent all-around casino in the middle for most of its features. It's the ideal casino for gamblers that are looking for a site that does everything well and that don't want the very best of any specific feature or perk. Genesis Casino offers hundreds of casino games from more than a dozen different software companies. The site even offers some live dealer games to make things more interesting. The site is also home to relatively generous bonus offers, giving gamblers thousands of dollars in promotions to obtain over time.

The casino doesn't offer the largest promotions that are available, it doesn't have the largest number of games to choose from, and it doesn't pack the best tournaments or loyalty programs. It just does all those different things pretty well. Most casinos on this list specialize in something; Genesis specializes in offering gamblers a good experience all the way around. It's a solid play option and is worth considering if you want a site that does everything well but nothing the best overall.

Jackpot City is Simple and Accessible

We were initially impressed by the promotions offered by Jackpot City casino, especially the welcome offers. It isn't the promotions that ultimately make this site stand out, though. Sure, you can claim some decent offers when you join the site, but you can do that in other locations. What stands out about this gambling platform is how simple everything is. The games are all by Microgaming, the site offers straightforward bonus offers, and it has a clear loyalty program. It's easy to determine what perks are available to you as a gambler on the site, and you'll very rapidly get comfortable with the platform and know how to get everything out of your visit to this casino. We recommend this online casino to new players that want things to be easy, and it's a good solid tool that can benefit a lot of gamblers.

PlayOJO is the Most Transparent Online Casino

While most casinos work to hide their terms and conditions and try to present their bonuses in the best possible way, PlayOJO keeps things transparent for its players. This casino lets everyone know what they can expect from the promotions and the other bonuses on the site. There aren't often wagering requirements, and there aren't nearly as many limits placed on the bonuses and the offers that are given out usually. This makes the site safer and more reliable to use than other sites.

This site offers a respectable selection of games to choose from, and it offers small but reasonable bonus offers. Each bonus can be used to claim special perks immediately while playing on the site, and you won't have to worry about meeting stringent bonus requirements before you get your money. The straightforward style of this casino makes it easy to join and to make use of when you're looking to get started gambling.

Royal Panda is Another Well-Rounded Casino

Royal Panda is another casino that fits into the same category as Genesis Casino. The site has enough games, promotions, and special features, but it stands out slightly by offering access to sports wagering. This mid-level online casino gives players access to welcome bonus offers and long-term promotions.

This online casino makes it easy to create an account and gives gamblers the ability to wager on sporting events and more. The site is carefully designed to reward a wide variety of gamblers for playing there and to be simple to use. Royal Panda may not be the perfect online casino for everyone, but this loveable site has games, promos, and more to offer, and that's something gamblers should think about when considering where to sign up to play.

Spin Casino is Excellent for Mobile

Spin Casino was initially impressive to our reviewers because of the high-quality promotions and the nice selection of games. What the casino ended up standing out for was its mobile support. This online gambling establishment works on most mobile devices, and it makes playing slots and more on a mobile device more convenient than ever. The site makes signing up and playing online simple to do. It also gives players the ability to change from one device to another while still enjoying all the games and features of the site.

We were happy enough with the selection of games, and we enjoyed the jackpots and special features offered by the site that makes things interesting. Gamblers that prefer to play on mobile will likely have a good time with Spin Casino, which is why it's likely to continue growing and do well because mobile is only increasing and improving as time goes by.

Canadian gamblers have dozens of decent casinos to choose from, but the best sites stand out because of their promotions, their games, their banking offerings, or something else. By reading through simple reviews of some of our favorite options, it should be simpler for gamblers to choose a casino and decide what has features that appeal to them and what doesn't.