How Much Do We Know About Sunrise Slots Casino?

You've probably seen a few casino homepages already if you're familiar with online slot game play. However, we doubt that you have seen many like Sunrise Slots Casino.

The landing page or home page if you prefer is very simple. There are three reels representing a basic slot game, just under the logo of the site. You are then prompted to enter your invitation code to sign up. Ah yes, a code… so you cannot join as easily as you would if you visited many other casinos.

You cannot see inside the casino unless you've opened an account either. So, what do we know about this casino and how it works?

It is powered by Realtime Gaming

Scroll to the bottom of the site and we can see the Realtime Gaming logo is present. At either side of the invitation code login segment, we can also see various slot game characters. We can confirm these are all connected to RTG slots - you might recognize some of them if you have played some of their games already. So, we know there are some good games available to play if we gain membership of the casino.

A few banking methods are mentioned too

We can also tell what some of the deposit and withdrawal methods are, as logos for a few of them are revealed at the bottom of the casino site. There are card and web wallet options available, although it is impossible to tell whether every method is available for depositing and withdrawing. Bitcoin and bank transfers are mentioned there too.

The key is to find an invitation code that will allow you to open a free account. When you get this, you can look around inside the casino to see what you think. If you decide it is not for you, you can cancel your membership and you won't have lost a thing. The best way to find that code is to search for Sunrise Slots invitation code on Google. You may not find one on your first attempt, but it does open the possibility to find one more quickly than you may otherwise do.