DG Club Slots

You might occasionally come across a slot that is brighter than any other. DG Club is one such slot, and while the theme may not suit everyone, it certainly does have a lot to offer. Let's take to the dance floor (did we give something away there?) to see what's happening.

Developer info

This one comes from Dragon Gaming.

You can try it in demo format first if you wish

This allows you to see what's involved and what the game looks like - both good things to know before you do anything else.

Have you worked out the theme yet?

We guess you have, as this one takes you onto a dance floor complete with a skimpily dressed woman as the DJ.

This is one design you won't soon forget

DG Club certainly gives you a club vibe, with flashing spotlights, glitter balls, and plenty of other musical elements involved as well. It may get a little too much if you play for a longer time, but shorter stints on the game are fine.

Let's figure out the basics of the DG Club slot game

This is a standard 5 x 3 slot with no progressive jackpot, so it follows the route taken by plenty of other games. It doesn't seem as if the game has any wilds or scatters, although there are other elements that make this an unusual game to play.

Paylines are kept on the smaller side

There are just nine lines in this one.

What is the betting range?

The smallest bet is just nine cents, so it's a reasonable one for those with smaller budgets. You can go up to $18 per spin if you wish.

Make sure you read the paytable first

We always say this, but in this case, we suggest you do so because DG Club is a very different game compared to anything else we have ever seen.

Bonus elements in DG Club slots

Firstly, there are four club rooms in this slot game. The starting room is the House Music Room. There are other rooms for R&B, EDM, and Anime. You'll move through them in turn. You must find a winning combination based on specific symbols, as per the paytable, to move to another room. The multipliers get better as you go through the rooms as well, with multipliers of up to 5x for the House Music Room, while they go up to 100x to reach the Anime Music Room.

Free spins replaced by a respin feature

If you find an identical high-value icon on the first and fifth reels on the same spin, you will unlock a respin. Identical high-value symbols lock in place and everything else spins again to try and generate a good win for you. The respins continue until no new high-value icons land on the other reels.

RTP stays on the low side as well

Unfortunately, this game falls well short of the ideal 96% or above range, coming in at just 94%.

Our rating for DG Club slots

This is certainly an unusual game, with the available music rooms forming a key part of the action. You'll need to be a music fan to get the most out of it, but it does stand out as an unusual and quirky slot.

Watch out for those room multipliers

The prize potential obviously improves as you go further through the rooms, with the biggest ones reserved for the fourth room. We found it best to play with a much smaller bet, so we could get a lot more out of our budget for the game.

This is one game where demo play really becomes important

It's always neat to take a slot for a practice spin, but we think it is more important than ever in this game. It's only when you see the respins and rooms in action that you understand exactly how the DG Club online slot game works.

Play for real wherever you see Dragon Gaming slots

You can try the demo there too, and switch neatly over to the real version whenever you are ready.

Will you play this one on mobile too?

You can do so if you wish, as there is a mobile version to check out.