Demo Slots And Real Time Slots

How much do you know about online slot games? They certainly pack in a lot of entertainment, so if you're keen to discover more about them, it makes sense to get the facts before you play for the first time. If you visit any online casino, you're bound to find plenty of these slots to choose from. However, you might also notice that some offer demo slots, while you also get real time slot games to play. Here, we look at the differences between them.

Demo slots vs real slots

Demo slots are the ones you won't need to pay anything to play. You'll play the game using demo credits, which you cannot withdraw. So, even if you pick up a prize, you're only winning demo credits to enable you to play for longer.

Conversely, if you play real slots, you need to play them using real cash bets. You need to join a casino, make a deposit, and use that deposit to choose and play one or more of the real games offered at that casino.

The facts about demo slot games

Demo slots - or practice slots, to give them their other name - give players a chance to try a game before committing any real bets to it. Every slot release comes with information about what to expect from it. Which features will it have? What does it look like? What are the prizes like? The basic info usually looks promising, just like any promotional videos or stills associated with the game.

Yet the only way you can really tell whether a slot game is worth playing is to try it. A demo slot allows you to do this, letting you spin the reels and experience what a game is really like. Instead of watching a highlight video, you can play a session or two and get a better feel for it.

You can also see how far your budget is likely to go if you did switch to the real game. The demo versions are loaded with the same value coins and tokens you'd use if you played the real one. This means you can choose your bet and see what you make of it.

Of course, another major advantage is that you can play through a slew of slot games without paying to do so. This is useful because you may have no idea which game you'd rather play. Trying some demo slots means you can compare them, figuring out whether one is better for you than another. It's a cool process and one that you can take your time with as well.

The facts about real slot games

The most important thing to remember with real slot games is that you will always bet with real coins - your own coins. While some casinos allow non-members to try the demo slots, you'll always need to have a casino account to be able to play the real slots. You also need to make a deposit to be able to play any of the real games.

Once you have set up your account and funded it, you can choose any real game you wish to play. As we have seen, testing the demo first is the best approach. Remember that when you're making real bets, every single one of them is final. Always double check you are betting with the amount you intend to, and remember that if your bet loses, that's it. It's gone.

Of course, when you bet with real money, you do stand a chance of winning real prizes. Once you've played the demo version, you will know your way around the game and its paytable. With so many slots to choose from, you can soon find the ones that best fit with your budget and your preferences.

Which one will you play: The demo slot game or the real slot game?

We think the best answer is that you'll play the demo first and then the real version. Of course, some players love the entertainment and don't worry about the real game. That's fine, and there are certainly lots of casinos that would allow you to play as many demo games as you wish. Some even focus on free play, offering regular tokens to collect so you can play for longer.

The key, though, is to know what you are playing and when. This means you can make sure you find the slots that work with your budget and help you get the most out of it. If you do want to play some real slots, take care to learn everything you can about them before you get underway. And always double check that wager!