Types of Wagers at 5 Dimes

When making wagers at a sportsbook it’s important to understand the many different wagering options and how to make the most of them. There are many different types of wagers that can be placed on any one single match or a set of players, and the wager that you place not only determines how great of a chance you have of winning, but also how much you will win if you do. By understanding these things you can place more accurate wagers and achieve the goals that you’re interested in at 5Dimes sportsbook. Keep reading for a breakdown of the most common wager types and what each one has to offer.

Straight Bets

Straight bets are wagers on which team is going to win during a match. When placing this type of wager on a baseball game, generally you just pick which team is going to win and place your money down and leave it at that. When placing a straight bet on a Football match, there is usually a point spread to think about as well as deciding which team is going to win. The point spread puts a condition on the score for each team. A large point spread means that one team can beat the other by a large number of points, and a small spread means that they can only win by a small number of points. When placing straight bets on games without a point spread there is a money line or ML to think about. The money line determines how much money you win for your wager. A positive money line means you will more than twice your wager amount back. A negative money line means you will win less than double your total amount back. For instance, a money line of $-135 would pay out $100 for a $135 wager. A money line of $135 would pay out $135 for a $100 wager.


Totals are very simple to wager on. There is a total amount posted up for each particular match, and you are betting on whether the final total is going to be higher or lower than that amount. Totals add up points scored by both teams and use that amount as the deciding factor.


Parlays are groups of straight bets that include many different teams. Parlays start off with just two teams included, but can go up to much higher selections of 15 or even more teams that are all participating in different matches. They can even include teams from different sports in some instances.

Open Parlays

These special wagers are placed between many teams, but they are left unfinished. At least half of the participating teams must be included in the wager when it’s placed, but additional teams can be filled in over time, as long as the parlay remains good, and the information is filled in well before the conclusion of a match it can be counted as a good wager.


Teasers are very similar to parlays, but they have more favorable odds. Teasers are parlays with a variable money line. If the money line is -10, and the teaser is for 8 points, the money line would be transformed to -2 when paying out any of your winnings. This helps you win more than you would than a traditional parlay. Teasers are only available for Football and Basketball though, so parlays are the option you would use otherwise.

Progressive Teasers and Parlays

Progressive teasers work like standard teasers do, but all payouts are forfeited if you have a losing selection. There is no lesser prize payout available. With each confirmation of a winning selection, the progressive teaser becomes more valuable, leading to some very nice wins. Progressive parlays are the same, they just don’t come with the positive money line change that teasers do.


Pleasers are the opposite of teasers. Pleasers are wagers that reduce your odds in relation to the money line. In other words. If the money line is -10 and you place a 6 point pleaser, that wager takes on a -16 money line.

If Bets

If Bets are a chain of wagers that you can place that will only pass through the sequence and payout the prize money if they come true. If one wager works out, the bet will move on to the next, and the chain will continue through one step after another.

With so many different wager types to work it’s important to understand what sort of betting you are placing each time you wager on a sport. Spending a bit of time learning all the different betting options will help you make the best decisions so you know how to make the most of your time at 5Dimes and any other sportsbooks that you wager at.