A Look at Some of the Craziest Casino Bets

While the majority of slots and casino games players are happy with a few hours at the tables and the reels now and then, making regular types of wagers and seeing how their luck goes, there are a few that like to push things a little further and really see if lady luck is on their side. While few and far between there have been some extraordinary casino bets and wacky wagers that most wouldn’t even consider, and here we’re taking a look at 5 of those bets.

We’ll start with the type of bet you most definitely don’t see everyday when WSOP winning poker player John Hennigan bet his friends that he could live in Des Moines for 6 months. Hennigan loved Vegas and the bright lights and his buddies bet $100,000 he couldn’t last just half a year without it...and they were right, gladly taking his money off him! Next is a roulette bet that was made in 2004 by British man Ashley Revell. He sold all his worldly possessions for the grand total of $135,000 and then tried to double down at the roulette wheel. While the ball was spinning he decided that red was for him...and he was right, doubling his money, buying a motorbike and heading off to travel around Europe.

Back in 1995, legend has it that one man, down on his luck and having split from his wife, cashed in a social security check for $400. He headed to the Treasure Island Slotsand began playing blackjack, scoring win after win, ending up with a cool $1 million. That should have been the signal to leave things well alone, however he kept on going, eventually giving every cent back to the casino and walking out broke....there’s a lesson to be learned there!

William Bergstrom got a little greedy when taking advantage of no limit bets at the Horseshoe Casino, which at the time was run by the legendary Benny Binnion. Big ticket betting means that you could place any size of bet you wished, and Bergstrom wagered $770,000 in cash on one roll of the craps dice, and he won. Three years later he went back for more and wagered a further $538,000...winning again, however when he went back for the big one, a $1 million bet, he wasn’t so lucky, and the casino took the lot.

Last but by no means least is perhaps the strangest bet of all time and it involves a well known Vegas gambler Brian Zembic. A friend of Zembic bet him $100,000 that he wouldn’t have 38C breast implants and live with them for a year. His friend was wrong, as Zembic had the operation, lived with the implants for a year and took the cash, and the funny thing is that he liked them and decided to keep them! There have been some crazy casino bets over the years and these are just the ones we know about....wonder what goes on behind closed doors?