What Is The Most Money Ever Won On A Slot Machine?

The more you know about slot machines, the easier it is to realize how long the odds are against picking up one of the biggest jackpot prizes available. It is possible to win millions on these machines, but of course, few players ever manage to do so. There are still plenty of players who have won decent prizes though – perhaps a few thousand dollars to help them enjoy a nice vacation, for example.

But what about the biggest prizes? How much would it be possible to win in prize money if you did manage to drop the right combination into place on the reels?

The first thing to note is that not all slot machines can bring you huge prizes like these. The big ones tend to be those with progressive jackpots. Some machines have more than one, with each jackpot getting bigger than the last. The idea is that a tiny amount from each real wager goes into the pot, contributing to the progressive jackpot amount. This could continue to mount up for weeks, even months in some cases. Players tend to like slots with huge prizes like these, so they play more often, and more people play. This means the jackpot rises faster, gaining even more attention as it does.

Online progressive slots get lots of attention, for sure, but it is the real casino slots that produce by far the biggest prizes. How big, you might ask? Let’s look at the biggest slot winner of all time (so far, anyway). He visited the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas (where else?) in 2003 and decided to give the Megabucks slot machine a shot. The name gives you an idea of how much you could potentially scoop from a good spin on that machine. We’re sure this man didn’t expect what happened though.

In his mid-twenties at the time, he placed a $100 bet on the machine. He won the jackpot, of course, otherwise we wouldn’t have mentioned him. But can you guess how much he won? If you guessed any less that $39.7 million, you didn’t guess high enough! That is quite some win, and we think it will be some time before anyone manages to surpass it. He was set up for life with that prize. We only hope the machine didn’t start spilling out dollar coins for him to take home. That could have taken quite a while to complete, don’t you think?