Chumba Casino Free Slots

Are you are a member of one or two online casinos? Maybe you've been around for a while and you're familiar with the casino landscape on the internet. If so, you may think you've heard of most online casinos.

But what about Chumba Casino?

This is promoted as an online social casino. That means the social aspect of playing casino games is paramount here. It's also different to many other casinos. That's because it offers a sweepstake element. This is called $weeps, with a dollar sign taking the place of the S.

The sweeps part of the casino means it may not be legal to play there if you're in a certain part of the world. You should check their terms and conditions to find out more about Chumba Casino and whether you are legally permitted to play their games for prizes.

We've explored the site in detail, and it seems as if you can sign up to play the games free from anywhere. However, only those living in the USA or Canada (minus Quebec), any $weeps Cash you accumulate cannot be withdrawn as real cash. So, that makes it clear where you stand. It does mean the site is worth checking out if you are from one of the above areas though.

Does it work the same as other casinos?

No - they have two virtual currencies and you can make a deposit to buy some $weeps Cash to play with. However, you do not need to buy any of the coin packages to start enjoying the games.

Even though you can play the games at no charge, the site confirms you do still get the chance to secure some real cash prizes. So, could this be the best casino of all?

What should you expect from the slots collection at Chumba Casino?

If you select the games part of the menu, you can then select slots from the next page. Blackjack and video poker are also there to be considered.

Among the available slots you can play are games you may not have seen elsewhere. Look out for Pug Royale, Bomb Shell Jackpot, Aztec Wealth, and Diamond Panther. If you select a game, the next page tells you more about it. You can find out about the theme, the number of ways you could secure prizes, and any special features included in the game.

If you want to play, you need to log into your account. Not signed up yet? You can do so via Facebook or by providing an email address, your name, and your password. It takes only a few seconds to complete the process. Once you're in, you can play any of the games you desire.

Of course, unless you live in the USA or Canada (other than Quebec), you won't get a chance to net any real cash prizes. You can, however, enjoy playing the games for entertainment only, so it is a nice way to see how they work if you're new to slots.

The format and presentation of the casino is very nice. Everything is very colorful, and you can see the recent wins people have managed to get from the site. These scroll on the left of the game you choose to try.

With jackpots available in some games alongside the regular prizes, there are many reasons to check out Chumba Casino in far more detail than we've given you here. Could this be a delight to explore if you live in the USA? We think it might be.

Check Out the Slot Games Waiting for You at Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino begins with some winners promoted high up on the home page. Move down the page a little and you can see some of the games you could check out there too.

However, the easiest way to explore more of the games is to select games in the menu. You are taken to the relevant page of the website, where slots can be chosen from the five available options.

A total of 58 slots were presented on the next page, and there are some stunning games included in that collection. They also provide lots of useful information about slots and the different varieties you might see there. This is at the bottom of the page underneath the games themselves.

Are there games here that use popular themes?

Yes, there are, with Vikings, Aztecs, and animals among the games we spotted when the page loaded. We looked a little further to see games on fruits, famous characters such as Medusa and Nefertiti, and some magical slots such as The Great Slotini too.

Can you play without logging in?

No, you will need to log in to play any of the games at Chumba Casino. However, the casino works slightly differently to many others, allowing you to log in using your Facebook account if you wish. Alternatively, you can enter an email address and password to get an account.

Chumba Casino is a social casino

We recommend you read the about us page at the casino, as it explains more about how the casino works. It is, first and foremost, a social casino, hence the Facebook login facility. You can play the games for practice if you wish, and the casino does allow the purchase of gold coins to assist you in playing for longer. However, you should note that while you can buy those coins, no real prizes are ever granted. Anything 'won' during the slots and other games cannot be withdrawn.

Those in Canada and the USA can participate in sweepstakes competitions there though, and no purchase is required to take part in those if you are eligible. You can find out more about the sweepstakes and the games on the site by visiting Chumba Casino today.