Winners and Jackpots at Bovegas Casino

It’s always exciting to see who won some prizes at an online casino, yet some don’t share that news. We cannot say the same of BoVegas Casino though. You’ll see a winners’ section in the main menu near the top of the page.

We decided to check it out to see what we would find there. We discovered other pages with more info too, so stay put and read more about them here.

The most recent winners at BoVegas Casino

You can see some of the biggest prizes on the winners’ page at this casino. You’ll see the date each person won on too, along with an image of the game they were playing when their good fortune arrived.

We would love to be able to click through to the game in question each time, but sadly that is not yet possible.

More information appears on the game page

If you go through to this section of the website, you’ll see two more things. Firstly, they have a list of winners there as well. All the people on that list had won five-figure sums when we visited, so there was plenty to check out there.

Look out for jackpot opportunities there too

You can only see one jackpot title in this area of BoVegas Casino, but it should carry a good prize ready to be won.

The title that was highlighted on our recent visit was Voodoo Magic. Not the most familiar progressive title, but one that had a jackpot worth $21,591.56 at that time.

You can discover more progressives inside the instant play casino

Once inside that area, you’ll see you can choose progressives from the menu. The titles included in that area tend to carry the biggest prizes, but there are others if you hunt through the slot game area.

Fortunately, all you need to do is to look at the info underneath the game logo. If a sum of money is shown there, you know that slot game has a progressive jackpot to play for.

It’s all happening at BoVegas Casino. Check it out today, explore the instant play casino before you sign up, and remember you can always find the latest winners and jackpots before you play.