Huge 40K Miami Club Winner

The superb US friendly Miami Club Casino is adored by so many slots and table games players and they flock to this cool place to play from all over the USA. The action comes thick and fast in the free download, the click and play flash casino and the standout Miami Club mobile casino and this awesome place to play is no stranger to dishing out the big casino cash wins. While a large amount of those wins are provided by the excellent feature rich slots, on occasion they’re served up by a high paying casino table game, and player Kathy who hails from California knows that only too well.

California casino player Kathy has been a member of Miami Club for a number of years and while she usually heads to the fantastic video poker games, this time around she fancied a change and decided to test her luck on the game of Stud Poker, and we can only imagine how happy she is that she did. Kathy was playing at $1 per game and on only her sixth hand she was dealt the highest poker hand of all, a royal flush and Kathy had placed her bets nicely, putting the extra $1 bet that allowed her to participate in the progressive jackpot game.

That royal flush combined with the progressive side bet and provided her with an absolutely staggering Miami Club win of $40,372.94 and as you can imagine, she was astounded. After her win she stated that, "I love the way those big jackpots look on the screen, but I never really thought I'd win one! I play a lot of video poker games and slots, I'm not a big bettor usually, it's just fun for me, I don't feel like I spend a lot of money but I really enjoy the experience. This was a complete shock!"

Kathy had the foresight to place that progressive side bet and that’s often overlooked by many players when enjoying progressive casino table games, and while it seems like a little flutter to nothing when putting that bet down, you just never know how those cards are going to fall, and this Miami Club player knows too well that these crazy casino wins really do happen.