Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice is a classic game which has thrilled millions over the years. It has now be adapted for online casino gaming. This is a super easy game to play, which means anyone can sink their teeth into it and reap the benefits of a brilliant online casino game. Roll the Dice is a traditional dice game that essentially allows players to bet on the numbers one to seven. The game uses three dice, and predicting the right outcome leads to a victorious payout. The notable difference with the online version of the classic game is that instead of wagering on numbers, players place stakes on artistically-drawn animations. Roll the Dice is also referred to as Fish-Prawn-Crab since they are three out of the seven symbols that players can wager on. The game serves up another four unique game symbols that replace the numbers of the traditional version. They are the Rooster, the Coin, the Calabash, and the Triple symbol.

If any of the symbols you picked show up on either of the three dice, the player wins a 1:1 payout. If one of the symbols you choose ends up on two of the dice, then the player wins a 2:1 payout. In the event the player gets three dice with his chosen symbol, then the payout increases to 3:1. There is an exception. The triple symbol is represented by a square with three dice upon it. Betting on the Triple means, you are wagering on your chosen symbol coming up on all the three dice. The odds are longer, but the payout is much higher. Players can expect a return of 30:1, betting on the Triple and any symbol can be selected. Betting the maximum game limit can yield a cash return of $15,000, which is the top payout of the game.

Playing Roll the Dice is an intuitive experience, which is achieved by using the game control buttons located on the screen for convenient and fast access. The Play button kicks off the game, and the dice will subsequently appear on the screen under a virtual bowl and shielded from sight. The player then selects the bet, which ranges from just $1, rising considerably to $500 a bet. After that, players can choose their symbols and animation combinations to bet on, and the action starts. The stakes are all clearly displayed on the screen and in the squares. The Clear and Undo buttons allow players to cancel their bets and start afresh. Once the bet has been placed to the player's satisfaction, and he or she is ready to Roll the Dice, they need to tap or drag the onscreen bowl. The bowl will then begin to shake, prepared to release the dice of destiny! The animations are all interactive, and as soon as you click on the squares, they start to move.

Roll the Dice does not need any strategy or planning. Fish-Prawn-Crab is purely a game of luck. Without a shadow of a doubt, Roll the Dice a welcome addition to the list of table games, and a refreshing change. The game is also influenced by Hoo Hey How and provides a fast and simple way to test your luck within a straightforward game setting. There is no need to learn complicated and confusing rules or to memorise complicated strategy charts. The dice decide your destiny. The animations add much colour an variety and are indeed more enjoyable than plain numbers. The seven animations, namely the Squash, the Coin, the Rooster, the Crab, the Prawn, the Fish and the Triple add a modern touch to an old-fashioned, yet still popular gambling game. The icons appear on one side of each dice, then there is the Triple. If your chosen bet turns up, you win. It's as simple as that! Roll the Dice can be enjoyed on a desktop or mobile device. The mobile version has been modified and optimised for an excellent mobile experience whether using a tablet or smartphone. The game is fully compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

The game provides a fresh look at a classic game. It also serves up a different kind of table game that is not based on complicated strategy or memory tasks. It is a pure and enjoyable game of luck. It can thrill with its Triple stakes and 30:1 payout and the choice of wagering options range all the way from $1 to $500 so all players can enjoy Roll the Dice, whether novices or high-rollers. The game is pleasantly satisfying to play and serves up an entertaining and atmospheric casino game. The game symbols improve on a winning formula NU providing variety and a touch of modern game symbols. Roll the Dice is destined to become one of the most popular table games, so don't miss out on it! Try out a traditional game in an entirely modern setting and with a touch of innovation. Roll the Dice awaits you!