Max Quest Cinematic Slots

When it comes to new slots, Betsoft has always been a great promoter of their releases. They are also a platform that is known for developing unique and highly interactive games, which seems to the be the case with the newest of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra cinematic slots.

A quick glance at the game previous shows the level of sophistication in the animation, sound effects and graphics. This is a true immersive type of slot, with the appearance of a role play adventure video game combined with the winning potential of a top slot.

In full 3D graphics, Max Quest slot is a multiplayer slot game, where players are responsible for going on a quest deep in ancient tombs of Egypt. Up to six players will enter the game at the same time, going through an underground maze to kill the evil mummies, solve the riddle of the maze and discover the hidden treasure.

Betsoft is promoting the Max Quest cinematic slot experience to both online slot players as well as video gamers. This brand new types of RNG gaming is unique, highly appealing, and takes slots from a passive to a highly interactive online wagering experience.