Cubee The Travel Adventure is the latest game from the world leading slots and table games design and development company of RTG and while this great company is well known for creating feature rich immersive slots and many of the finest casino table games online, Cubee is a little different, in fact it’s a whole lot different.

There are no reels, cards, game tables or anything similar to be seen when you fire Cubee the Travel Adventure up and what you will see is something that you've most likely not seen before, least not in a casino game anyway! Just like a slot there are symbols that you may match up however instead of 3 or 5 spinning reels, the Cubee symbols get tossed into a vortex, and the key to the game is to collect the correct symbols and progress through levels.

When progressing through the Cubee levels of the Stone Age, Age of Piracy and Viking Age you'll need to be collecting free games and multipliers and then when you reach Cubeeland you get to collect those free games and all wins created will be boosted with the multipliers collected en route. This totally different way to play makes Cubee a cool mix between a slot and an arcade style game while the real money aspect of it makes it incredibly immersive.

The user interface makes placing your wagers and getting things moving all so easy, and the visuals make it so easy on the eyes. Cubee is one of those rare casino games that you simply cannot pigeon hole as there’s no particular category it fits into and until RTG create more similar games it’ll sit nicely in the slots areas of the lobby, where it may be enjoyed in your casino of choice right now.