What Is A Progressive Slot Machine?

It is a well known fact that progressive slot machines are the most lucrative slots of all. This is due to the fact that there could be more than one jackpot – usually up to four – and each jackpot could be won when it reaches a certain amount. Then there are the random progressive jackpots in which luck will have to be on your side when the jackpot hits at any time during game play. Each time a player puts money into a progressive slot, a small amount is used to add to the jackpot. Thus, there are in fact, three types of progressive slot machines.

The Standalone Progressive Slot

Standalone progressive slot take the bets place only on that machine. The machine not tied to other progressive slots. The jackpot for these standalone progressive slots averages under $10,000.

The Local Progressive Slot

When I visited the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, there was a section of slots in a circle called Progressive Slots. These dozen or so progressive slots were linked together so that any one of them could hit at any time. The jackpot for these local progressive slots ranges under $100,000.

The Wide Area Network Progressive Slots

This is where the BIG MONEY is! These network progressive slots are linked to other casinos in the same state. Imagine if you will, an array of players playing the same slot in different casinos across a given state. What happens is the jackpot accumulates and can pay well over $1 million and, in some cases, over $10 million. In fact, we have seen online casinos where the jackpots are even higher than $10M.

Play Progressive Slots at our Recommended Online Casinos

Therefore, if you are new to slot play, start with progressive slots free play or commonly known as Demo Play at our recommended casinos. Once you get the gist of it – you can go on to play for real money and vie for the progressive jackpots!