What Is The Payout Percentage Of Slot Machines?

Every slot machine has a payout percentage set in advance. This percentage is calculated as the number of bets taken by the machine that will be paid to players in prizes. The percentage is independently tested, so you can trust that slot machines will pay out the percentage indicated. This applies to slots in real-life casinos and at online casinos.

The percentage is, as you’d expect, expressed as part of 100. It also usually has the letters RTP next to it. For example, you might see 96.30% RTP provided with the info on a slot game. The percentage means that of every 100 cents taken in bets for that game, 96.3 cents is put into the prize fund. A portion of that fund could be devoted to one or more progressive jackpots, depending on the nature of the game. Alternatively, the whole fund might be distributed between the various prizes indicated on the paytable for that game.

We know the odds of winning a prize get longer the bigger the prize is. There is far more chance of winning the smallest prize in a slot game than there is for winning the largest progressive jackpot. However, you can never tell what the outcome might be on any spin. That is part of the appeal of slot games. The payout percentage applies to the life of the game too, rather than to a single session. This means you can never tell what the outcome of a playing session might be. If you could, there would be little incentive to play.

We always recommend playing slot machines with the biggest payout percentage you can find. If you’ve got a choice of a machine paying out 85% and one paying out 95%, choose the latter one. It’s a no brainer. However, you must remember those percentages do not reflect what could happen in the session you spend playing the game.

You have a chance of winning nothing, winning the jackpot, or winning something in between those extremes on each spin. It’s why you get players who get no prizes at all during a session of play, and others who manage to get two big prizes in quick succession. It’s the roll of the dice – the luck of the draw. If you pick a game with a high RTP, at least you know more of the monies taken from it are paid out in prizes – whenever that may happen.