Have You Tried Mirrorball Slots Yet?

Slot games are far from being new. However, while many of the best ones can be found inside online casinos, some are available to play elsewhere. Mirrorball slots were a great example of this. Why are we talking in past tense? Simply because the Mirrorball slots page on Facebook announces that the store closed on the last day of 2019.

The slots were based on tokens, so you could use tokens to play the games. You could also get an app for iOS and Android, so you could play the games on your mobile device. While there was no chance of winning any real prizes, you could certainly pick up free chips, medallions, and tokens to play with. You still got the thrill of playing assorted slots on many topics too.

The other reason people liked Mirrorball is that they could like the page on Facebook and become part of a community. While the page itself is essentially now mothballed, it had over a million followers and a million likes. That is quite some feat.

So, if you were going to try these slots, you’re just a little too late. However, there are other sites online that focus on providing people with fun-to-play slots that require no financial input. Check out the App Store or Google Play to see whether you can find something similar to enjoy.