Three-Reel Slots For Real Money

If you tend to enjoy playing five-reel slots with their associated paylines, bonuses, and other features, you might feel that trying some three-reel slots would be akin to going backwards.

Not so.

There are lots of reasons why people play three-reel slots for real money. One of the most important things to consider is the issue of cost. If you play any slot game for real prizes, you’re going to need to lay down a real wager. This could be anything from one cent to several dollars. Some slots have a maximum wager that reaches into hundreds of dollars. That would blow most people’s budgets. However, even at the lowest end of the betting range, many five-reel slots can prove too expensive to play.

Stretching a small budget as far as possible

That’s where we start to understand why three-reel slots can be so attractive. Consider that most of these slots have a single payline to bet on. If the coin range starts at one cent, you can play a three-reel, single-line slot for just one cent. There are some games that wouldn’t be playable if you had a budget of a dollar to play with. That example, however, shows just how far a dollar could go, with 100 spins possible on a one-cent bet.

You can be in with a shot of real prizes on a small budget

Many players only have a small budget to work with when playing online slot games. Playing three-reel slots for real money is an attractive proposition in this sense. Sure, the prizes you get are going to be small because you’re only placing small wagers. However, you still get the thrill of winning when that happens.

Look out for games with multipliers and wilds in action too, as these provide extra features to look forward to. Some multipliers can reach 10x or even higher, with multiplier wilds proving popular in some cases.

There are also a few games with progressive jackpots, bonus features, or even both if you’re fortunate. These games are less common, and those with progressive jackpots might ask for bigger wagers to reflect this. However, there is more variety available among three-reel slots than you might think. And with a one cent bet available to get you started, it’s a great introduction to the world of slot games.