Viva Slots Vegas Free Slot Casino Games

Even though lots of people like to visit online casinos for a chance to receive some real cash prizes while playing the games there, others like something different. If you love playing casino games but you’re not keen on making real bets on them, we may have news for you that you’ll appreciate.

Have you ever heard of Viva Slots Vegas? This is a spin on the Viva Las Vegas saying, of course – the home of casinos. Viva Slots Vegas is the name given to a social casino app. You can get it for the Android and iOS platforms, so if you own a tablet or smartphone using one of those systems, you’re good to go.

No purchase necessary

You can use the app without making a purchase if that’s what you want. There are no opportunities to win real prizes here – the casino and games are based on social gaming instead of offering real cash prizes. That’s why lots of people like it as an alternative to other online casinos. Those casinos may provide demo games, but they also encourage you to make a deposit to play for real. If you do not want to do that, you might not want to sign up for an account with those casinos either.

Social casino games are a delight to play

If you like the social side of gaming, Viva Slots Vegas is for you. You can follow them on Facebook and receive offers for deals there too. You can make purchases for credits if you wish, but there is no need to do so. You’ll receive credits when you first get the app, and periodically after that. Read the rules and instructions once you have downloaded the free app onto your device to see what’s next.

Everything you could want from a casino

Viva Slots Vegas offers plenty of slot machines for you to play, offering many features and twists during play. You can score credit prizes, of course, and if you do, those credits are retained inside your account. You can also see how your friends are doing if they choose to download and play the games as well.

If all you want from a casino is a social and enjoyable time, Viva Slots Vegas could well be the ideal solution. Download the app and see what you think.