There Is A Hot Sunrise Coming From BF Games

A hot sunrise seems to be a sign that a nice day is coming. Could the same be true if you decide to play this game from BF Games?

It begins with a shot of a girl in a bikini, holding a cocktail and lounging in the pool. A fast car sits nearby, and the sunrise - an Eighties-style one, we think - is in the background. So, what else does this new slot game hold in store for us?

Watch out for a wild

The wild is circular and looks like a futuristic symbol for the sun. It can appear in stacks too, so you might end up with several on the reels at once. Wilds can also pay out on their own.

There are three reels in the game, but you get a 3 x 3 format to give you five lines rather than just one. We also know the slot has an RTP value of 96.06% which is good to know.

Can you find nine wilds on the reels at once?

If you can, the Wheel Bonus is triggered for you. This is comprised of two stages. The first stage gives you the chance to score a multiplier value or to hit one of two portions of the wheel that would take you to the second stage. If you get through to the second stage, the multipliers are bigger.

Stacked symbol respins

This is another neat feature that is introduced in the Hot Sunrise slot game. You need to find two reels with stacked symbols appearing on them to earn your respin. That would mean the reel that doesn't have stacked symbols on it would spin again.

A simple yet eye-catching design

This slot doesn't look like anything else we have ever seen. It's striking, with a hot palette of colors to look at, yet it isn't too bright to look at. This is one sunrise you won't want to miss.

If you're new to BF Games, the Hot Sunrise slot game release would make the perfect introduction to their game style. There are lots more games in their back catalog too, such as Road Cash, Fibonacci, Ramses Rising, and Book of Gods. How many others could you discover when you play Hot Sunrise from BF Games today?