Unusual Specialty Titles

Do you ever try anything other than the slot games available at Red Dog Casino? With many intriguing slots given top billing at the site, it’s easy to assume that’s all there is to play.

That’s not the case though. It’s good to have a change occasionally, even if online slots are your favorite type of game. At Red Dog Casino, they have some cool specialty titles to try as well.

Here are some of our favorites, along with our reasons why we chose them.

Banana Jones

This isn’t a slot game, but it does have some similarities with one. Look out for the little character who bounces from one lily pad to the next as you roll the dice. This is Banana Jones, who is in search of treasure that might just be hidden inside the cave beyond the swamp. This brings a touch of snakes and ladders to proceedings, and it’s a nice change from a standard slot game.

Fish Catch

The title tells you what you need to do if you decide to play this game. This is often referred to as a slot, just as Banana Jones is, but it isn’t a slot at all. Instead, you need to try and shoot at the various fish swimming across your screen. Hitting them means you can get prizes. Choose from various weapons and aim for various fish to see what happens. Not a game you’d want to play for ages, but a nice one nonetheless.

Roaring Twenties Bingo

Who doesn’t love a bit of bingo occasionally? This version provides a Twenties-style game screen, with different bingo cards and the chance to win various prizes. Based on a 5 x 5 bingo format, you’ll be looking for various patterns on each card. The game also has random jackpots over on the left of the screen, giving you even more potential to walk away with something nice.

Choose some specialty games at Red Dog Casino today

We think specialty games are for those times when you want to try something you may never have played before… or at least not for ages, anyway.

The specialty area at Red Dog Casino isn’t large, but then no casino pours lots of games into this section. You do, however, get plenty of varied options in that small collection. Just right for passing the time or switching things up a bit to make life more interesting.