What Is The Biggest Jackpot Ever Win On A Slot Machine?

Can you guess how much you could potentially win if you managed to hit the jackpot on a slot machine? Most people would think along the lines of millions of dollars, and that would certainly be the case. However, can you guess how high the biggest ever jackpot win was?

We can reveal it occurred back in 2003, and while there have been some other huge wins since, no one has quite managed to surpass this one. The win took place at a real casino – a bricks and mortar casino, if you prefer – rather than an online one. This is not a surprise, since most of the biggest wins do occur at real casinos. This one happened in the biggest place on earth for casino action – Las Vegas. If you’ve been there or know something about it, you’ll know Vegas is home to Excalibur Casino. This was the setting for the massive win.

The person who managed to change their life forever that day was a guy in his twenties. We don’t blame him for remaining anonymous, since he managed to scoop quite the prize that day. The machine he decided to play was appropriately called Megabucks. It is known for massive jackpots, but this one was the biggest of all, dropping into his lap and worth an amazing $39.7 million dollars. Can you imagine how that must have felt? A wager of $100 was enough to trigger it, and while we would love to see footage of what happened next, that’s unlikely.

If you do some research into big slot game jackpots, you’ll see they always happen on progressive slot machines. The name comes from the fact the jackpot becomes progressively bigger as more people play it. You never know whether it might drop when it hits a few thousand dollars or many millions, as was the case here. That is part of the attraction, of course, the fact that you never can tell what might occur next. Who says you couldn’t be the fortunate one? You know the odds are tipped heavily against you, but there is always a chance.

You won’t spot jackpots quite that large in online slot machines, but you can look out for seven-figure ones at some casinos. If you’re curious to play some and you don’t want to head for Vegas, this is your next best shot.