What Game Pays Out The Most At A Casino?

For real money gamers, this is quite possibly the most important question at the top of different lists of questions. After all, if you're just in it to have fun, then try a water-slide! For online casino gaming in earnest, however, payout potential matters. Given that casino gambling generates more than $6 billion worth of revenue every single year in the United States alone, you would be wise to know what you're up against before you play. To this end, we'll dive into several games and see what the statistics say on payout totals and probability of winning.

The Video Slot

For obvious reasons, this crowd favorite continues to draw in ever more newly-minted gamblers into the online (and offline, for that matter) casino gaming space. The brilliantly detailed and varied themes and templates are, in part, to thank for the growing interest; they serve as a gateway for the beginner to eventually move on to the plethora of table games and video poker alternatives.

The thing with slot machines, however, is that they are totally dependent on luck. Of course, if you know some numbers, then this can help you understand what bankroll you should start with. By the laws of probability, if you play for long enough, then you're certain to win. The trick, then, is figuring out if its worth the wait (depending on the symbol combination payouts, random jackpots and whether or not it's a progressive slot)? Here are some examples of the odds:

  • A hypothetical jackpot of 35,000 coins could have a 1 in 300,000 odds of winning
  • A hypothetical jackpot of $35 million could have a 1 in 50 million chance of winning

With odds like these, perhaps we should move on to table games!

Table Games - American and/or European Roulette

The familiar red, black and green spinning wheel has an air of sophistication that intrigues all first timers to the casino; however, the odds of winning vary wildly depending on what version you play. Out of the possible two (for the most part; there are odd variations at select casinos) versions of American roulette and European roulette, the American one has the better odds because it has just one zero, whereas the other has a double zero as well as a single zero slot (which works in favor of the House).

Roulette, for all its gorgeous glory, is actually an easy game - even for those who are just starting out. Choose your favorite numbers, and then cross your fingers and hope that the spinning wheel lands on them - it's that simple! Of course, you will notice that your favorite numbers potentially change over time, as you learn which numbers are more likely to be picked based on the presence of the single zero or the double zero. For reference, you can count on the following numbers to be standard:

  • The House edge for the single-zero version of roulette is 2.7%
  • The House edge for the double-zero version of roulette is 5.26%

The Specialty Game of Craps

Perhaps more commonly known (depending on the part of the world from which you hail) as Dice, Craps is one of the oldest specialty games. No frequent player would characterize it as simple - but that doesn't suggest some sort of insane learning curve. There are plenty of variations in the kinds of bets you can place in Craps; but despite this, it i still relatively easy to get the hang of it and start playing like a veteran in short order.

Broadly speaking, the odds on Craps/Dice can be characterized as such: the casino House has a low edge, and the resulting payouts thus have a chance to be considerable. But you probably want the numbers, so here goes:

  • The House edge can range between 0.60% and 1.2%
  • For the player, you can err on the side of the 0.60% House edge

To get the gist of Craps down, make sure you understand what is meant by the so-called "pass line"; this is the most important feature in the game, as all bets are made with respect to this. It's a safe bet, too, such that every single Craps player can get a small return on their bet with the pass line; but if you want to make the larger returns, then you've got to increase your bets above the pass line and thus be in the running for higher payouts.

King of the Hill: Blackjack

And finally, we bring it home: Blackjack has the best odds out of all the games inside any casino. This more elaborate name for the game of 21 is also, not surprisingly, the most popular game inside of the casino, so there's that. With a House Edge of just 1% on average, you'd be somewhat silly not to try your hand at Blackjack on every visit to a casino (for at least a little while, anyway - then you can move on to your games of choice). In some instances, the House edge with Blackjack can be as low as 0.13% in the online space.

Perhaps the best thing about Blackjack is that, since you are not trying your luck against poker ringers, you don't need to worry about betting against a whale. The House dealer is as impartial as they come, which basically means he/she/it conforms fully to the laws of probability - thus, your strategies are as reliable in real life as they are on paper. Blackjack is the game that pays out the most at the casino.